Left to right: Martin Mikhail-'93 Touring, Paul Ober-'93 Base, Charles Saftner-'93 Base, Chris Regan-'93 R1, Craig Farr-'93 Base,
Francois Mertz-'95 Touring, Ed Hahn-'94 R2 (Pre-Green Monster Paint job!), Hung Nguyen-'94 PEG.
Well, here they are. Actually there are 20 of us now. The guys who feed of each other in our desire to drive faster, corner harder, and stop quicker, and ultimately spend too much money. We all, to some degree, have an obsession with everything automotive, especially our cars. We are a diverse group of guys, some would say boys depending on your gender, that have independently concluded that the RX-7 is the best "bang-for-the-buck" all round sports car money car buy. It just so happened that we were brought together by joining the Mazda Sports car Club of Washington (DC).

We can be frequently caught chatting on our email list server where we talk about our cars, the track and most things rotary related no matter how obscure. Want to listen in, join our group, or search our archives GO HERE

We even have put our pride and joys on the dyno to see what we really have. To take a look at how we did check out the dyno page. It was alot of fun and nerve-racking but for those of us that went a rewarding experience

Through this medium we share experiences, help each other with technical questions and even work on each others cars when help is requested. This group of track friends are both young and old ranging in age from college students to our beloved retired senior. Some of us are married, and have children, and some are single with no significant other, and a couple are somewhere in the middle. Some of us have no money whatsoever and some have more than they know what to do with. Our life experience is far and wide, with: computer geeks, engineering nerds, students of all subjects, graphic designers, paper pushers, and to deal with our social problems, a counselor! What we are trying to say, is we are all different with a common bond - our cars.

With some pictures of them and their cars as they become available.
Christopher Regan
Richard Mills
Paul Ober
Craig Farr
Francois Mertz
Charles Saftner
Richard Benson (our 2nd Gen. GTUs Owner)
and our newest member: David Henning (Mr. CYM himself)

All of us have modified our cars in some way or another. Some more than others. We all like to tinker but some are very mechanically inclined and some would be hard pushed to turn a screwdriver, although they do try. On average we have $4000 invested in each car, but some well in excess of $20,000! We are not all alike in our modifications, although some are similar because we discuss and draw the same conclusions regarding the best upgrades to make and best parts to use. We have collectively sampled a very wide range of aftermarket products. Some good, some bad. The mileage of our cars range from low 30,000's to almost 90,000. We have all model years, '93, '94, and '95, in all levels of trim, base, R1, R2, Touring, and PEP/PEG. We have them all so any problems or quirks of a particular model or year are quickly investigated. We also have a 2nd gen. owner who is included simply because he shares our enthusiasm for driving on the track. Most of us enjoy getting out on the track and driving as fast as we can and a few are quite content to sit on the sidelines and watch.....the rest of us having fun (but we're working on that).
The general consensus among our members is that the RX-7 was never meant to be drag raced. Maybe if you're curious why not, but we firmly believe that the RX-7 was meant to ROAD RACED. So all of what follows will pertain to our exploits on any road racing circuits we should have to pleasure of experiencing.
With that in Mind,
Lets pick up the pace and go to the
WARNING: This page is graphics intensive. Please be patient.
200mph @ 7500rpm!


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